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If you’ve ever lost a tooth or teeth to disease, decay, or trauma to your mouth, you know that it leaves a gap in your smile that can make you feel self-conscious. In fact, most of our patients say that improved aesthetics is the biggest reason they choose to get dentures after the loss of one or more natural teeth. It’s also very important to replace missing teeth as soon as possible to preserve your long-term oral health, and avoid having the remaining teeth shift towards the open spot, and throw your alignment out of balance. Shifts in tooth position can make chewing and speaking difficult, and cause pain or sensitivity.


Benefits of Dentures

Another important reason to replace teeth quickly is that long-term tooth loss can cause facial sagging, which makes people look prematurely aged. Professionally fabricated dentures will be virtually undetectable once they’re in place, and prevent face sagging and further tooth shifting from happening. They also allow you to eat and speak normally again, without pain or discomfort. You may need to avoid certain foods that could damage your new dentures, but your dentist at Franklin County Dental will go over all care and hygiene information in detail during your consultation.

We take care to ensure that your new dentures match the shade of your existing teeth as closely as possible. Dr. Laventure or Dr. Schuyler will also make sure that your dentures fit properly, and advances in dental technology mean your dentures will feel much more natural than sets that people wore in earlier generations. Please don’t hesitate to speak up if your dentures don’t feel right when you come in for your fitting, as our team will make adjustments to ensure they are firmly in place and comfortable.

Caring for Your Dentures at Home

Each morning, brush your gums, palate, and tongue with a soft-bristled toothbrush, ensuring that you also brush any natural teeth that you still have. Completing this process removes plaque from these areas as well as improves circulation in your gum tissues. Soak your dentures overnight in a glass of water filled with a special cleansing tablet. Franklin County Dental looks forward to restoring your smile and the full functionality of your mouth with new, natural-looking dentures.

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Dentures in Washington MO – Get a Smile That Can Change Your Life!

  • Give us a call to learn more about our denture procedures, we offer several different options and types
  • We have a simple and straightforward dentures process
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  • Dr. Laventure is a trusted local denture expert and he will explain all of your options in detail during the initial exam
  • If you have problems with your current dentures, we can help repair and restore them
  • We provide the best denture care in Franklin County, we are top rated based on Google reviews
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