Root Canals

Root canals are a common part of endodontic treatment, which you may need to undergo if the pulp of your tooth is inflamed or infected. This can be caused by severe decay, or a crack or chip. With the right timing and care, our team can return your natural tooth to full function.

What’s a Root Canal?

The nerve, or “pulp” of your tooth lies in its center, which is normally protected by the surrounding tooth structure. In the event that the nerve has been traumatized by cavity, fracture, or any other injury, it can become infected, and in some cases can’t be repaired.

The Process

Our team at Franklin County Dental prioritizes saving your natural teeth whenever possible, as well as alleviating pain caused by decay. In order to save the tooth structure and prevent pain, Dr. Laventure or Dr. Schuyler will carefully clean out the pulp, and replace it with a bio-compatible filling material. You have heard horror stories about how painful root canals are, however with local anesthetic, this procedure is as pain free as getting a cavity filled. Root canals are the most effective way to preserve natural teeth with deep cavities or damage.

Root Canals

Our team will make sure you feel comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure. In fact, some of our patients even doze off! The drills make very little noise, and the tooth is fully numbed so that you won’t feel a thing. Once you have undergone the root canal, there will be no more discomfort when you eat or drink hot and cold foods and beverages. Our team will advise you whether you need further protection from cavities and damage to the tooth structure through a protective crown.

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